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This site is created to bring awareness to the 10lb beast we call our brain. This new blog will bring you little bits of holistic ins and out to our brain structure and function. Information that would help you bring an “wholistic” view into brain health and how you can work with us to bring balance to your body when all else fails.

If you are interested in learning more about the brain and its relationship to what you are not thinking about and what can affect it, check our blog page. We aim to help you look at different resources to brain health and work with you to bring a balance to your health using different means such as bodywork and food.

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Creating Parallels

Our internal environment reflects how we experience what is going on in our external environment. Science knows so much about our body, yet there’s so much we need to learn. In this image, the water pathway is static, but the water flow depends on rainfall.

This section of the Potomac River in Great Falls Park, Virginia, is like an obstacle course that supplies nourishment to organisms, fishes, and humans as it flows down the river. The river’s ebb and flow are similar to the ebb and flow of our brain information pathway and transmission.

The best part is, just watching the natural beauty and water flow, relaxes the brain which is constantly being nourished by blood flow . We will explore the body and how natural factors influence our overall health. The environment in which our cells find themselves will determine whether to remain pain-free or painful.

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