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Esi, the lead practitioner

Before 1998, all I knew about my feet is it took me from point A to B. In 1998, I firmly believed that your “feet are a mirror of the body,” but I did not know how that was true. In 2000, while in China, I had my first massage session, which introduced me to ancient healing modalities. I could not study in China because of the language barrier. Then in 2006, my family moved to Namibia, and that was when I started my bodywork and Holistic nutrition training. There was no bodywork training institute in Namibia then, so I had to make several trips to the Republic of South Africa, where I studied therapeutic reflexology and Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy.

Bodywork Training

Upon returning to the United States, I went ahead and graduated from the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) clinical massage program and became licensed and certified by the Virginia State Department of Nursing to provide massage and bodywork. And since 2013, I have had the pleasure of learning several other bodywork modalities that includes That includes biodynamic craniosacral therapy, lypossage (deep lymphatic drainage), and visceral manipulation.

Functional Nutrition journey

I have always had a passion for nutrition. So, I decided to take the holistic nutrition pathway to understand the body’s physiology through the feet from a “holistic” lens. I attended several holistic training schools that provided an integrative understanding of nutrition, body physiology, and tissue integration. Looking through this lens, I knew I needed to understand more about my health journey.

Who I am.

My health journey took me through that part of ” I am not sick, but I know that everything is not alright in my body”. This pathway opens up optimizing my health using several specialty lab assessments that you can check out here. My passion now is to help individual optimize their body so that their body can continue doing what it knows best. Just let me know if you are ready to do that.

About Sally

Sally is passionate about all things brain. She has a kind heart, gentle and ready to help you achieve your goal. She’s ready to answer any question and get you ready for your healing process. Sally is our office manager.


Massage & Bodywork

-LMT Clinical / Medical Massage program, Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), VA., 2013
-Certificate Personal Trainer Program, NVCC, Annandale Campus, VA. May, 2014.

Advanced Massage Training:-
-Certified Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, 2-year professional program, 2006.

-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Professional 3- year program, June 2012.
-Spinal Reflex Therapy training, Dr. Frank Jarrell, February 2013

  • Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Specialist, Dr. Eric Dalton, Freedom from Pain Institute –
    -Posture and Pain Specialist -Costa Rica, December 2013 & February 2014. -Upper Body Specialist – May 2014
    -Lower Body Specialist – June 2014
    -Posture, Pain, and Performance – Oklahoma City, June 2014

-Bowenwork Therapy training, USA. Vicki Mechner – October 2013 – April 2014.
-Certified Pre- Labor & Post Natal / Pregnancy Massage, Claire Marie Miller Inc. – July 2014
-Myofascial Release Therapy – John Barnes, – Oct. 2014; March 2015
-Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Dr. C. W. Jordan, May 2015
-Orthopedic Massage- Dr. Ben Benjamin, May 2015, May 2016
-Lypossage – Mercedes Jordan, April 2016
-Connective Tissue Massage – John Latz, July 2016
-Bowenwork Therapy training, USA. Vicki Mechner -October 2013 – April 2014.
-Fertility and Pre-Netal Massage – Claire Marie Miller Inc. – June 2018

  • Metamorphosis – Cindy Silverlock, May 2017
    -Oncology Massage – Tracy Walton & Associate, June 2018
    -Scar Tissue – Brooks Seminars, June, July, September, 2019
    -Visceral Manipulation – The Barral Institute, January 2020-2021

Functional Nutrition Training

-Nutrition Therapy- Nutrition Therapy Association, Nov 2016

  • Functional Nutrition – Andrea Nakayama, December 2017
    -Oncology Nutrition – Dr. Nalini Chiokow. July 2018
    -Restorative Digestive Health-care – RWP, October 2019
    -Restorative Adrenal and Hormone Health-care, RWP, January 2020
    -Restorative Blood Chemistry Analysis Health-care -RWS, December 2020

-Restorative Final Level 4 The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery 2022

Transformation Coach Training

-Health Coach Institute, TCM Mastery, October 2018 – May 2020

-Empowerment Training-MER-, June/November, 2020

-Coaching Institute, 2020-

-True Cellular Detox Specialist. 2021

-Virginia State Licensed Massage Therapist

-American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)

-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of America (BCSTA).

-American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

-Licensed and Insured.